Marco Accetonne , Canada

Everything changed when I joined the vipers. I went from being lost, confused in my trading journey to finally feeling like I knew what I was doing. They provide the BEST content hands down, there is no question, and the best part is, the content is so straight forward and easy to understand. Also the community is just unmatched. Everyone is so driven and motivated in this group, It only pushes you to do better. Definitely recommend anyone to join the Vipers if you want to take your trading to the next level. ...... Read more

Maurice, Netherlands

I joined the Viper Group back
in september 2021 and I immediately felt very appreciate by the community.
Viper Group consists of man and woman with different backgrounds from all over
the world. Riz and Cal united us and because of the good vibes it feels like
one big trading family. Everyone within the community is very supportive and
whenever I struggle with something, not only the mentors, but also my fellow
members are there for me to help. From experience I can tell that in most
communities you get treated like a number. This is not the case with Viper
Group. Mentors and members show a lot of respect to each other and the mentors
really take the time to help you progress in you trading journey, not only as a
trader, but also as a person. The amount of authentic content
delivered every week is just insane. You get way more then what you pay for.
During the daily webinars, we discuss charts, but also things as mindset or
other personal stuff. You can ask question during these webinars and are
allowed to speak up. Everything is recorded so you can watch back webinars
whenever you want. Besides the webinars you get daily case studies of the
trades that occurred during the week. Wether you are a scalper or a swing trader,
it is all covered in there! The PDF documents and Videos about the Viper
strategy are very detailed, but very easy to understand and apply on the
charts. Even when you’re new to forex you will pick it up in no time. Besides
Forex, Cal also discusses crypto on his webinars. He really showed me how to
invest with proper rules in crypto. there is a lot more, but I think you should check it out yourself!
...... Read more

Parth Modi , India

Trust me i am not boasting but you guys are the best ever. I remember the day when i first talked with you riz. I was a little worried as i was paying a hefty amount which burdens even when you convert it into indian currency. However, i feel blessed and lucky that i went for it to learn with the vipers!!!!! The amount of content you guys put out is insaneeeeeee. Even I find it hard sometimes to catch up matching you content sharing speed😂. You give to the community that is worth more than the token you take. Its been almost a year and i have seen myself grow. I have never been this calm in trading. I have never been this consistent And the best thing about you is the constant support even in failure. I failed my ftmo challenge the first time, but you guys supported me all day making my trading better and better, clearing my concepts, teaching me not to rush into things and most importantly getting my psychology in track. I just want to say that please keep up such amazing work. Power and respect to the vipers🐍😎 ...... Read more

Aran Sharma, U.K

Just saw this now but id give a testimonial anyday of the week being in the vipers is amazing as your around other people in the same position as you are going through the same things trying to reach where we want to all be, theres also people that have already reached some goals and provide constant support i know that i can message any of the mentors at any time and they will have time for me not only that they show constantly with their results what can be achieved and whats possible with this strategy and what you teach us. the content is amazing sometimes when i have a question i just watch some webinars and realise its already been covered no matter what we ask its catered for in the content honestly amazing community not just some random people together its a great family chasing our goals together🔥🔥🔥 ...... Read more

Mudassar , U.K

Being part of vipers, is like benign part a family that going through the same journey, The mentos always give some much value, that you never feel you alone or uncertain in the market. Being paper of viper is the biggest blessing I had 💪

Stephan Trussoni , U.S.A

I have been with the Vipers from the start and there is no other company or community I would rather be a part of. The amount of content is above any other company I have ever been exposed to in the past. The Vipers not only teach trading specifics but also expand and take on helping the members grow their lives outsides of just the charts. The teachings are clear, concise, and the head Vipers are always willing to spend extra time attending to individual students which in this industry is priceless. The head Vipers are so interactive and helpful you know them on a personal level and see them as a friend and mentor, not just some teachings from a pre-recorded program or PDF. The webinars are very interactive and provide an opportunity to not only get the head Viper’s take on things but to also ask questions. The community as a whole is the beyond incredible. Everyone in the group is here to succeed in all aspects of life and everyone is here to help. Questions are highly encouraged and everyone is supportive with answers and comments. The Vipers are the most genuine company in the trading space, and consists of the most genuine people. Thank you to Riz, Cal, Krishna, and the rest of the Viper community for all that you do! ...... Read more

Fathia , Sweden

Teaching wise is has been helpful in many levels. The fact that I had recorded one-on-one lessons and could learn on my own phase was my favorite part. And that they teach a whole tragedy was great, a lot of confusion that comes with trading went away. Live webinars everyday where I learn something new every time, where I could ask questions and get answers straight away had also been helpful and listening in to other students questions. Having support of other students and platforms where we can exchange knowledge. The mentors are supportive and always at hand. To have a direct communication with the mentors has been helpful. ...... Read more

Warda , Sweden

When I joined the viper group, I wasn’t expecting to be this amazing people to be honest, I was all ready give up, Because I had horrible experiences about groups and mentors who wasn’t what they say they wore and lost a lot money in the process. The viper course is absolutely amazing and very easy to understand, and the way the mentors explain, you can’t find better teachers on the subject. The daily webinars are gold, because you have this teachers on call every working day, you can’t find other group on this industry that have 5 webinars every week. Then you have this mentors, that you can speak to every day, very supportive and great human beings. They support you more than just teach you how to trade. You gonna learn more about how to invest your life, time and capital. I started to read books, which I stopped since high school, thanks to this amazing mentors I read 2 books every month now and I feel absolutely great. The whole viper community is incredible, supportive and you can ask anything and someone will always answer with respect. I’m forever grateful that I I join this incredible group. wish they had existed when I started my trading journey. ...... Read more

Simran Malhi , U.K.

I joined the Viper Group early 2021. I had been studying charts, mainly retail logic for a couple of years. I was introduced to Price Action by Riz and Callum in the one to one lessons. It was always effective and clear their method of teaching and they didn’t leave out any unnecessary details. Honestly, It wasn’t always my number 1 concern to become a consistently profitable trader (Which thanks to Riz and Callum I am) but was to understand how the market place worked and understand something that many traders weren’t aware of – institutional logic. To be in the small circle who understands the underpinnings of the market place. I gained this understanding through Riz and Callum. As well as the technical side of trading; the community in the Viper Group is great. Its enthusiastic and Real. I reiterate; real. Real people are very hard to come across in the field of trading. All the mentors in the Group are profitable traders; they have gained their edge in the market and they really do put their students first. Its clear that they teach for the right reasons and mentor you not only in the field of investing and trading, but life. Webinars and PDFs are consistently put out to help you learn; sometimes there is more material than you have time to study it! Which is exactly what you want when you’re learning. If I was to advise anyone who would read this testimonial, it would be to not waste the majority of your trading journey being naïve and following the path of ‘traders and mentors’ who manipulate their students and followers for an income. It took me a long time to find a community who were straight to the point and all supported each other with real smart money techniques. That’s why I would recommend only the Viper Squad. Don’t waste your time, money and effort elsewhere. ...... Read more

Hamza Sali , North Macedonia

Sharing the true wisdom of the market and making each and everyone of us better and better everyday in every aspect, to be honest, I can't thank you enough for the work you with Cal and Krishna put together, I've invested more than 25thousand dollars on courses and mentorships, but putting all of them in one side and your mentorship on the other side, your mentorship has so much weight that you can't even compare them with what you give to us in the viper's squad. Starting from the teaching, webinars, community, meet-ups, they are definitely something that shapes us in every aspect of your life, Me and other vipers too, we've seen that the viper community is not just about forex, but for our life in general. The work that you put in, you are making us better and better each day in every aspect of our life, You don't let any viper down when they are struggling for something you give the same amount of value to each and everyone of us, and also after giving us the true knowledge, you help us with the most important thing, the edge. Making it clear to us that knowledge is important, but if you don't find your edge and working routine, it would be hard for everyone to make something out of it.. Also, I wanted to share my thoughts on the process with the viper squad, when I joined in August, 2 months after joining the vipers I got funded with 100k from FTMO, passed 3 free trials, passed the challenge, passed the verification, and now I'm trading with a 100k account, but always aiming higher, aiming for the full account foundation, the 400k. Just keep up the good work king, otherwise, can't be thankful enough and grateful enough to be part of the vipers! 💯💙 ...... Read more

Luke Campbell , U.K.

I joined the viper group because After meeting Riz previously you’ll find it hard to meet a more genuine down to earth person, no lifestyle marketing no bs just transparent straight talking and honest .. Callum and Riz and both people that will show you the good and the bad not just the highlights. just about all of us have been there, paid for something and not got what what paid for …. Riz and Callum genuinely go over and beyond, under promise and over deliver…… The viper group is so much more than learning to trade its about developing yourself as a person, mentally, physically and in all aspects of life from morning routines to crushing daily discipline markers and The Content dropped daily and work ethic from everyone at the viper group is unrivalled. The community is truly unmatched and will keep you accounted for and push you daily where you can honestly make friends for life They aren’t selling a dream so If your ready to put the work in to really grow in all aspects life then don’t hesitate, there’s not better place to be. - Luke Campbell , U.K. ...... Read more

Manraj  , U.K.

As someone who has been trying to learn forex for many years having gone through numerous courses, when I came across Riz and the VIPER squad I thought “oh here we go another course to line the pockets just regurgitating babypips material”. However, I quickly learned off Riz’s social media and Instagram stories that there is more to this strategy and this got me enticed. I initially bought the advanced course which has all the PDFs and many videos setting out and explaining the strategy. The videos are great as there has been a lot of effort gone into explaining exactly what to look for and many examples given live on the charts. The PDFs are an outline of what the vidoes go into detail about. In addition to all this material, there was very regular webinars and masterclasses which put into practice all the theory, live on the charts. Having back tested this strategy I knew I was onto a winner – the next step for me was to invest into the elite level membership which gives you 1-2-1 access to Riz and other senior vipers. This is one of the best decisions I have made in my forex journey as you can easily see how genuine Riz is in trying to help others and spread this valuable knowledge. If you are looking to elevate yourself in this forex game, look no further! I guarantee you if you invest 6months of your time learning the VIPER material, you will be well on your way to becoming a consistent and profitable trader. - Muizz , U.K Being part of the vipers has genuinely changed my life for the better, inside and outside of trading. The teaching method of the strategy is so clear and concise, there’s no room for not knowing what you’re doing, Riz, Callum and Krishna have absolutely smashed it with the teaching side. After learning the strategy it doesn’t stop there, the teaching is continuous, there’s always little nuggets being provided on a daily basis and so the teaching/mentorship is literally second to none 😁 they show themselves entering trades and showing them using the very stuff they teach! The content is absolute fire as well, the format by which the teaching is done, through webinars and case studies, literally just provides you with so so much value. There’s times I struggle to keep up with the amount of content being published 🤣 these guys literally over deliver on everything they say! The community is amazing too, real people, all like minded wanting the best for everyone in the community ❤️ it’s all love! These guys are seriously so humble, they participate and talk in the chats all day everyday, they don’t hold themselves on a pedestal or do things just to try and sell you courses etc, they genuinely care, and if you’re every struggling with anything, they help you out! They’re not just mentors, they’re great friends too 🙏🏽 as said before it’s all love for these guys and nothing else! All great vibes and growth vibes! ...... Read more

Andres , Canada

Been on this trading journey for a bit more than 3 years, have jumped from strategy to strategy & mentor to mentor with little to no success. I have been scammed and lied to by previous “mentors”. Joined the vipers in early 2021 and with your help and Callum’s I’ve achieved more in 1 year than I have in previous years during my trading journey. Managed to get myself a funded account from a prop firm (FTMO) and maintaining it with consistent profits. I am very grateful I chose you as my mentor as not only there’s great daily content & value but also I can see you guys as friends. Humble, honest and very knowledgeable in the market. The viper community is the way to go! 🐍 ...... Read more

Amraaj , U.K

My Experience with the Vipers My name is Amraaj and I'm based in London. I had a little trading experience as I've been on the hunt for learning about the FX market for a number of years and I'd taken similar routes as most, retail strategies, scouring the Internet and YouTube and the infamous Instagram traders. I had a friend who was into trading and took a step towards learning with hin which ultimately fizzled out and I was almost back at square one. I'd then come across Riz and some of his content and started to follow. It was always wholesome genuine and positive. I got in touch and in a way he saved me from a potentially huge mistake and informed me about the Viper Group. With no pressure he explained the plan for the Elite Members for the year and we scheduled a call for a few months later. Fast forward to April 2021 and it began And what a great decision. The amount of knowledge information empowerment is untouchable. The team genuinely want everyone to progress no matter what the issues but they ask of one thing. Do the work. Without that nothing is possible bit with the help of this community its achievable. We have Daily Webinars including Q and A Master Class Live Trading sessions And this is coupled with Content coming daily in terms of breakdowns, case studies, Individual lessons on specific topics and much more. We also have PDF breakdowns of the strategy which quickly migrated to a full blown online platform with probably 100 hours of content. More then anything the support help and guidance has been impeccable. We have created a group of 160+ like minded positive supporters people all with the sale common goal. In way the Vipers have become a family as we've spent the best part of a year together everyday. Aside from business and trading Riz has implemented fitness and education to build discipline into our routines and the results have reflected in trading. We're currently in the 3rd month of monk mode which has been highly elevating. Lastly the community and the meets ups are unmatched, from a weekend of paintballing dinner and Co Frances in the UK last year to the same plus a fee supercars in Dubai this month By no means isit easy and by no means am I nearly where I want to be but with the hard work and support of the Vipers I've come further in under 12 months then I did prior since 2018. All thanks to the whole team and I look forward to what tue future brings us all. ...... Read more

Adeel Mustapha , U.K

There’s two main aspects to the Vipers which make the group the best in the trading industry, first is the content, and second is the commitment💪🏼. The breakdowns and explanations you guys give in the videos, case studies, lessons is always easy to understand, and I can tell that you have the students in mind when you are teaching, as the core, key concepts that are required to be profitable are constantly being repeated and reinforced. Not to mention all the different styles of content you have in comparison to other groups, such as self development videos, case studies, market breakdowns, etc.🙏🏼🤩 When it comes to commitment, the dedication you guys have to us students is unreal.👌🏼I can’t remember a time where I’ve waited longer than a day for a reply to my question, and it shows what the Viper group is really built on. Long story short, if there is/was ever any confusion to do with the strategy, there is no stress. This has led to me massively improving in my journey, finding consistency both in trading and generally in life🟣🐍 ...... Read more

Abdin Ivan, Russia

I want to thank you, Callum and Krishna for the Vipers. I'm nearing the end of my training and I can tell you this. Thank you for this concept, I have tried many strategies but there was something about them that didn't suit me even when I was making money. That's probably why I was on the lookout for something else. This strategy makes sense to me and I don't plan to stop there. Yes, I had hopes of course that I will be super rich within a year, but now I understand that this is not a magic pill and you need to have patience, because what you say on webinars, about all the mistakes that you do not need to make in the end I made them all, I guess it is human nature to feel everything on yourself) Your daily output in the form of webinars, heaps of useful content is amazing. Any question you can ask in the chat and get an answer. It is very valuable to have a community like this. Too bad I have a language barrier and could not communicate online, but everything was recorded and watched in the recording In general, it was very cool to get to know other people from different countries in the circle of vipers. For me it was very surprising ( I have no experience of going abroad ) At the moment I have calmed down in pursuit of big risk and big profits, and just trying to find stability. After gaining the stability of the profit, I understand that after that the extra money will come. Thanks for the new view on the market and new horizons for planning my way. ...... Read more

 Emily H, U.K

Like many, I felt I’d been through the works, done various courses etc and was starting to wonder if I was ever going to find the right education. Then I found Riz and the Viper Group. Straight off the bat, his content was different, it was about education and he took his time explaining what they where about. I opted for the elite programme, Which has so far been the best decision I’ve made. Since joining, Riz has stayed true to his word to support my end goal and answered every question in an easy to understand way. There are times when I had felt overwhelmed but he was patient, understanding and continues to support my learning and progress. I’m not yet through all the content as The Platform and discord has so much to offer for your technical education, videos, webinars, PDFs and case studies every single week. They are not just trading mentors, they are so much more. I’d been with Vipers a week when Riz started Viper Monk Mode Q1 focused on daily habits to benefit our lifestyle and with that, trading. People talk about the psychology aspect where Viper group physically acts to make that difference. I haven’t been to a meet up yet, but I can’t wait to meet my fellow vipers. You can see why people push themselves in this group, the knowledge and support that everyone gives each other is so beneficial. It’s every member not just the mentors. Every claps for everyone. This is not just a trading group, this is a community and one that I’m proud to be a part of. ...... Read more

Lando , USA

The viper mentorship is the investment to make. The mentors combined have tons of knowledge and can meet you at every stage of your journey helping you define and redefine your edge. For me personally as life changed I had to adjust my trading style and having mentors that have gone through similar life changes and were able to relate while giving suggestions on how to alter my trading system helped me a lot. The mentors give tons of support. They are very involved and are always open to give answers if you have questions. My one bit of advice would be, to ask questions! Take control of your mentorship process and get involved. ...... Read more

Dharmesh , U.K.

I joined Vipers community in early 2021, at first I was sceptical to join as I knew Riz was affiliated with a certain company that is known to take people’s money, but not deliver any value or knowledge. Luckily I was not part of all that. I had my 1 to 1 session with Riz and Cal, who took their time to explain their strategy in great detail and would record the session for you to keep for life. They would answer any question without any doubt, which gave me as a student great comfort. I have now gained confidence in how to read and break down the markets and take trades. This journey has been long due to other commitments, but a great one. In a world where seemingly every piece of information can be Googled, there is still some knowledge that can only be gained only through experience. This is where you will find it. I first met with Riz, Cal and Krishna at one of the vipers meet up and at that point i knew that I was with the right community and with like-minded people around me who had the same goals. Their willingness to share their own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that I’ve learned from them. They have always tried to help me become a better version of myself rather than trying to mold me to their perspective. Their constant support has been invaluable. Their daily webinars, case studies and website resources, are full of invaluable information, which is recorded so that you can view them over again. The best part of joining the viper group is the fact that I have gained trustworthy supporters, a confidant, an advocate and an ally, and off course close friends! My advice to others who would like to join the program is to have fun, learn from each other, put in the hard work and enjoy the experience. ...... Read more

DanielKhan, U.K.

Hi Riz, I would just like to thank you, Cal, Krish and everyone part of the vipers. Without you guys, I would be lost. You completely stripped me of my uninformed, mainstream and misleading knowledge on how to trade the markets and installed a brand new version which baffled me at the start as I was completely new to it and was very confused about it. Until I took my time to learn and apply it. It seriously changed the game for me and opened my eyes on how to properly trade and actually understand the markets. I’m still sharpening the tools you guys provided me with and taking my time to prefect my craft until I I’m ready. But seriously not only did you guys help me with my trading, you introduced to me to like minded people who are now family. The Viper family 🐍💜. I’m very proud of being a part of you guys and appreciate everything you guys do for us, it doesn’t go unnoticed. In a industry full of scams and fakes, you guys are the realest! I hope endless blessings to you and everyone who has helped me on my journey as it’s only upwards from here, higher highs cos we heavily bullish! 🚀 ...... Read more

Louis Hancock, U.K.

Having been with the Viper group from day one, it’s been a pleasure and great experience to be learning from Riz and Callum. They both have taught me more than I can ever explain, from traditional trading all the way through to smart money concepts to tailoring and refining the strategy. Also a special mention to Krishna who is a great talent and analyst for the market. Having it been a year down the line now, I’m fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to take part and lead particular webinars in both person and online for the growing community. Without both Riz and Callum as well as The Viper Group this would have never been possible. Not only has my trading grown, my personal and social skills have levelled up hugely too. The constant support, continuous creation of content including lots of PDF’s, case studies, live analysis in webinars and forecasting makes it a truly unique group to be involved with. Personal and business relationships have formed with the community and I can’t thank them highly enough. ...... Read more

Faz , U.K

Since I’ve joined the vipers i can hands down say it was the best decision and investment i have made. Firstly all of you mentors have been approachable and very helpful in answering questions and explaining them in detail..in a way i understood... no question has ever been made out to be too small or a silly question. Being a part of the vipers i feel like I’m part of a community who care and always help each other.. I’ve got to know other members in the group in different parts of the world who i probably would have never met. The telegram group is awesome.. I’ve managed to pick up things when other members share their chart work and also i enjoy the friendly banter and the way the team loves each others success... this passion has definitely stemmed from the mentors showing their happiness towards their students success. The content, the webinars.... what can i say... you guys put soooo much work into all this! For me personally all the content you have put together is gold and it’s all broken down in simple terms. The webinars...? I look forward to the webinars 😂 a nice healthy balance of learning and a bit of banter. From start to finish i cant fault this group! Learning with the vipers...even though its only been a few months....has been a lovely journey and i look forward to the years to come! ...... Read more

Tallah , U.K

Being part of the viper community has been a breath of fresh air. Worth its weight in gold! I have personally learnt so much and improved drastically by way of such. The one to one calls are enlightening and filled with many benefits. The detail is second to none. The daily webinars are a wonderful addition filled with great insights and I have learnt so much from them. The website solidifies and re emphasises the concepts taught and is a wonderful tool to go back to and to refresh one’s memory. The discord and telegram groups are a great addition to the aforementioned. Thank you to Riz, Calum, Krishna and the rest of the Viper Team for creating such a group who care for the progress of their members and are there to support, aid and advise them on their journey to becoming consistent and profitable. All in all a wonderful experience one that I highly recommend. ...... Read more


After losing $50,000+ & spending 8 years at the computer trying to "figure it out"; joining the Vipers changed my life. In a short time, they helped me locate the holes in my Trading Strategy, and began to rewire my perspective on how to capitalize on the market day after day. The Mentorship offered @ Viper Group is clean, concise, and consistent. The content is easy to follow and the Mentors themselves are a wealth of information that are happy to help with any questions. Whether you are an advanced investor, just beginning, or stuck in the middle and dont know where to go from there.... Viper Group is THE way to go. I have been in a number of different trading communities and companies since 2013 and Viper Group is hands down the most supportive and productive group I have witnessed. I am honored to call myself a Viper and would recommend to anyone who would like to take their Career in Investing serious. With daily webinars, a library of pre-recorded lessons, 1-on-1 Support from the Mentors, and a community like this.... your success is imminent. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. ...... Read more

Kiran Jaswal, U.K.

The Viper group has not only addressed the stumbling blocks in my trading but also in my mindset and lifestyle too. Riz, Cal and Krish have made it clear the growth and improvement of the students and the Viper community is the most important aspect. This is evident in their continuous effort in terms of detailed daily webinars, case studies, 1:1 calls and series. The Viper group has connected me with traders with the same mindset, vision and strategy to becoming a profitable trader around the world. Which has not only opened a brotherhood but a special trading family which holds each other accountable as well as supports each other’s stories and progress. Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of Viper and the sky is the limit! 💫🚀🔥 ...... Read more

Lando ,USA

The viper mentorship is the investment to make. The mentors combined have tons of knowledge and can meet you at every stage of your journey helping you define and redefine your edge. For me personally as life changed I had to adjust my trading style and having mentors that have gone through similar life changes and were ableto relate while giving suggestions on how to alter my trading system helped me a lot. The mentors give tons of support. They are very involved and are always open to give answers if you have questions. My one bit of advice would be, to ask questions! Take control of your mentorship process and get involved. ...... Read more

Gaurav, U.A.E

The Viper community is amazing and the value they provide is top notch. I would say the strategy will teach you why the market moves from A to B and having that knowledge would escalate your skills. I have personally gained alottt after joining the vipers. There is no golden key to success, the strategy is tested and it works and you can see the results. You just have to be disciplined and trust the process.

Kiran Sehmi , U.K.

It has never been easy trying to find the right people to learn from in the trading industry. Many lack the clear and concise explanation that is of utmost importance to me! In my 3 years of learning I can certainly say that The Viper Group has been the best decision I have made to-date. Over the last year of learning with The Viper Group, I have managed to make incredible progress in my ability and confidence to trade the forex and also crypto market. The level of intricacy in regards to entry criteria, structure, understanding of order blocks and also little gems like Clusters, alongside fundamental cues have molded a very rewarding strategy for me. From the countless webinars run by Riz, Callum and Krishna to the pre-recorded online course on their website, even I sometimes struggle to keep up with the amount of high quality content. The Viper Group has shown that it's not all about the serious hard learning, but the amazing community that surrounds. The Vipers have a very close-knit community that help each other to the best of their ability. And should you need to ask about anything then Riz, Callum or Krishna are always there to answer in the group or privately. There is a real sense of "togetherness" within the group, with side-splitting laughs which makes it all the more enjoyable, not to mention the in-person meet-ups every now and then! ...... Read more

Hardeep , Canada

boom and bust cycles with different strategies and mentors. Since joining the Vipers, I have only had positive months. I believe this comes from the repeatable tools and processes that are taught. I love how even though everyone is using the same tools, there is a huge emphasis on building an edge tailored to the individual. This is probably why I am able to repeat the process with such ease. My edge was developed around my personality and lifestyle. 10/10 mentorship. When it comes to the webinars, the fact that there are webinars everyday is amazing. That means everyday, the mentors are consistently drilling in your head the psychological changes that are required to be a consistently profitable trader. That is also another reason why it makes it easier to pick up on mistakes that the trader might be making. The community is always active and consistently showing support for one another. It is amazing being surrounded by so many like-minded individuals with the similar goals. The profitable traders in the community do not shy away from helping the ones who need it. There is always something to learn from each others experiences. Overall, I believe that the way the Vipers are structured with the teaching, content, webinars, mentorship, community, and even the meet-ups, anyone who is willing to put in the work can find consistent profitability here. - Hardeep , Canada ...... Read more

Waqas Ali, U.K

Since joining the vipers ive seen my trading improve 10x. Riz and Cal have to be the best teachers and mentors. They teach you the startergy in such a way that its easy to understand and apply. Then they mentor you into becoming consistent. Ive done a few courses before i joined the vipers and have to say this is the first one that felt like a proper educational institution. You are not abandoned after you purchase the course, Riz and Cal are always available to get help from, and the daily webinars are amazing, you are constantly learning and developing as a trader. The viper community is just as great and helpful for those still developing consistency, everyone's goal is to help one another in becoming the best version of themselves. ...... Read more